eBook: A Collaborative New Approach to Address Short-Staffing

While short-staffing isn’t the ideal, it is the reality for many hospitals. As health systems across the country face both staffing shortages and patient surges, they’re seeking innovative staffing strategies that enable them to optimally leverage their available staff while keeping patient safety and nurse well-being at the forefront.

Hospital IQ partnered with a large client in the Midwest to develop a data-driven methodology to help the system allocate staff across the enterprise based on standardized measures of current and projected care needs. While short-staffing is not sustainable for the long-term, this collaborative methodology helps health systems weather periods of short-staffing as a team. As one client explains, “Sometimes it’s a situation where everybody suffers a little bit so that nobody has to suffer tremendously.”

Download this eBook to learn how your health system can use predictive analytics to create a foundation of transparency and trust so that units can work together to stretch their staffing capacities safely and effectively.

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