eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Hospital Discharge Practices

Hospital patient flow initiatives characteristically include a focus on the patient discharge process, setting goals to have discharges occur by 11 am (or 12 pm or 2 pm). And for good reason: Reducing avoidable delays and managing capacity to ensure beds are available for incoming patients are key goals for implementing effective and sustainable discharge practices. 

In The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Hospital Discharge Practices with Intelligent Automation, we review hospital discharge processes and discuss the challenges. With that baseline in mind, we outline how intelligent automation is being used in hospitals and health systems of all sizes to ensure everyone has the insight and tools necessary for their organization to achieve the three simple steps needed to consistently manage patient discharges: 

  • Identify discharges early
  • Develop both system- and unit-level actions
  • Assign and manage the specifics to take action

Download this eBook to gain insights on ways to optimize your discharge practices.

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