The Ultimate Guide to Improving OR Utilization with Predictive Analytics

The operating room is one of the most lucrative areas within the hospital. Adding as little as one case each day or improving room utilization by 1% can significantly impact your hospital's bottom line. Perioperative leaders are always looking for ways to improve performance and maximize primetime OR and resource utilization. 

Look no further. Hospital IQ’s intelligent automation platform can take the guesswork out of OR optimization. Take perioperative department performance to the next level by:

  • Uncovering hidden operating room time
  • Increasing access to your operating rooms
  • Optimizing your block schedule
  • Aligning the OR staff to true surgical demand
  • Improve patient throughput and forecasting bottlenecks with real-time data
  • Simplifying the governance process through transparency

Download "The Ultimate Guide to Improving OR Utilization with Predictive Analytics" to learn how Hospital IQ's platform and team of experts can help you reach and sustain new levels of excellence within your perioperative department.


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