Reinvent OR Access Without Reinventing the Block Schedule

Traditional approaches for managing OR time and the block schedule are rigid and manual, leading to poor allocation of time and resources. Further, OR underutilization has a significant impact on a hospital’s bottom line. Perioperative leaders face growing pressure to rapidly respond to changing priorities while also providing OR access for surgeons and meeting financial performance goals.    

Shifting from a traditional to a holistic, dynamic approach to block management by leveraging advancements in AI for hospital operations gives perioperative leaders transparency into real-time performance data and pinpoints opportunities to give their surgeons better access to the OR time they need.  
In this webinar, learn how AI, workflow automation, and real-time data augment your existing tech stack to provide perioperative leaders with trustworthy, actionable, and sustainable recommendations that:

  • Improve block releases 
  • Increase access to the OR
  • Provide real-time performance data
Meet the Presenter: 
Kim Hamilton, Senior Director, Client Outcomes - Hospital IQ

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