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Webinar: Resilience and Recovery Through Capacity Constraints, Staff Shortages, and Other Perioperative Challenges

Navigate capacity constraints, staff shortages, and other modern perioperative challenges. 

OR time, already a limited resource, has become even more constrained due to unpredictable disruptions such as short staffing, OR shutdowns, and patient availability issues stemming from ongoing variant waves. At the same time, increased labor costs from travel nurses as well as overtime and premium pay are putting additional pressure on perioperative leaders to do more with less, delay fewer cases, and prioritize backlogs in order to maintain the hospital’s single biggest source of revenue generation.

But existing manual processes to manage perioperative operations and schedules have proven not only to be ineffective but to actually intensify the impact of these constraints.

Join this webinar to learn how Hospital IQ enables perioperative leaders to become incredibly flexible and nimble in managing their OR time. From services that can help you temporarily reconsider your block allocation to an AI-driven platform that delivers a digital transformation to your ORs that will:

  • Align OR capacity to staffing and demand
  • Provide visibility into available OR time and a centralized process to request or release time
  • Leverage tools that provide access to real-time data to support fluidity during turbulent times
Kim Hamilton, Senior Director, Perioperative SBU, Hospital IQ

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